Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Pigeon Dining Tables

We are happy to announce our new bespoke dining table
service. If size matters then don't worry as we can produce
any size table to suit your space. Tailor made at very
competitive prices.

The idea is to create a table which is simple, practical, well
made and most importantly which allows you to end up with
a piece of furniture that you really want, rather than settling
for something thats not quite right.

We are inspired by industrial design of the 1930's and hope to
re create pieces with the same feel.

The frame is made from folded steel by very experienced British
craftsmen and can be made with a variety of finishes. Polished
steel,powder coated in a colour of your choice,dull finish,blue steel,
distressed. The choice is yours.

You can even choose the style of leg whether tapered,
straight, box or tube.

The top can be made from gorgeous lengths of recycled
100 year old , 10 cm thick , pine timber. Complete with knocks and
bumps and naturally aged. Or maybe recycled scaffold boards,
stripped and varnished. We also have a very hard wearing
lino top designed for industrial furniture and available in 12
fantastic colours. If neither of these finishes are what you are
looking for then how about Zinc or aluminium.

The basic designs stay the same but the finish is up to you.
Many thanks to designer Chris Lightburn Jones for help
with the drawings and advice on how to use the amazing
Google Sketch Up.Chris is a production designer with some
heavy weight commercials and films under his belt. Check
his show reel here.

For more information about this service please contact us
via the website where we have
many great original vintage pieces. We will be posting some
photo's of our finished tables in a few days.

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