Saturday, 27 February 2010

Nice footwear

A fine selection of leather shoes for men. The top shoe is made
by Quoddy of Maine , USA and is called the Ring Boot.
Available here.
The next shoe is the Clarkes Original Natalie and is available
here at Oipoloi.
The third shoe also by Quoddy is the tracker shoe.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Vintage Woolrich Toggle Coat

I'm so happy to wake up and find I've won
this beautiful Woolrich toggle coat on ebay.
Not bad for £25. The perfect antidote to the
filthy British winter

Nice Book Cover


Thursday, 25 February 2010

Modern Fifty

Beautiful things from this great store in America called
Modern 50. Thanks to Atelier for the heads up on this
one. Industrial still life at its best. Click here to visit their

Monday, 22 February 2010

Joseph Schulz

A series of photographs by German photographer Joseph Schulz
of disused border control buildings. See here for more info

Mark Allen Miller

Nice images from Mark Allen Miller click
here to visit his site and online store

CWC Watch

I recently bought one of these great CWC
watches from Silvermans. Silvermans is one
of the best army surplus stores in the country.
They have some great finds. I wanted a military
style watch and ideally a vintage model. After
lots of research I decided this was the one for me.
The design has hardly changed since the 30's and
unlike the vintage models it comes with a three
year guarantee. Very reasonably priced at £99.
This is the watch currently used by the RAF.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Leah Giberson

Wonderful artwork by Leah Giberson. I have a number of
Leah's prints purchased here on Etsy. You can also see more
of her work here on her website.

Nice interior

Quilted Piglet

Unusual art installation of a quilted piglet. I've no idea
where this image is from or who is responsible for this

Eiffel Tower

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Wood Block Table

Here are a few pictures of our latest commission.
This is a handmade bespoke table in oak. The frame
has a Japanese feel with the square legs and exposed
joints. The top is made from 100's of wood block
letters in many different fonts. Some are hand carved
and over 100 years old.
A large piece of 10 mm toughened glass sits on the top
providing a durable surface and a window to the letters
Each letter has been carefully placed and arranged to
provide balance to the collection by a master typesetter
with over 30 years experience.
The letters still have the ink on the top surface and a beautiful
patina with a variety in the colour.
We can make tables to suit any style or interior,
feel free to contact us with any requests or for more
Click here to visit our site

Monday, 15 February 2010

Running and Jumping

Vivian Maier

A Photograph from the amazing collection of photographs
by the talented street photographer Vivian Maier. I was
told of these wonderful images and the story behind their
discovery by a friend called Tom. I have him to thank for
introducing me to the brilliant blog by John Maloof.

Vivian took thousands of photo's on the streets of Chicago
for many years. Her work remained undiscovered until
John Maloof bought the huge collection of undeveloped
film from a local auction.

John has set out to catalogue her work and slowly develop
every film in order to share her eye with the rest of the world.
Every week John adds more of his developed images on his
fantastic blog. See Here

Vivians Photographs are a historical pictorial record of 1950's

Piet Hein Eek

Piet Hein Eek is one of my favourite furniture
designers. The Dutch designer is famous for using
scrap materials that most people would throw away
to construct beautiful functional pieces. Follow this
link to read more about this brilliant man and the
concept behind his creations. Click the title link to
visit his web site.

Vintage War Time Coupon

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Industrial Dining Table

Here are some pictures of our latest industrial dining table
ready to leave the workshop.

This particular model has the natural oak parquet
top laid in a herringbone style. The steel frame has been powder
coated a pale grey. We can spray the frames any colour and
make the table up to a length of 3 m. Another popular finish
is the burnt oak top which leaves the oak jet black with a nice
driftwood texture to the touch.

Follow this link to our website
and please e-mail with any questions. Prices vary depending
on the finish or size you require. There are many different
variations of finish that ensure you get the table that's right
for you.

Our tables work well as a desk/bench for creative people.

Our tables are made by hand by local craftsmen. They are heavy
and very solid in construction. Unlike most things made today
they are built to last.

Follow this link to contact us if you are interested in commissioning
an industrial dining table from Pigeon Vintage.

industrial shop Japan

This is in my opinion the best industrial shop in the world.

The House of Fer Travail is in Japan and has the most exiting
collection of industrial furniture I have seen for a long while.

Every piece is painstakingly restored in a very sympathetic
manner. I love everything about this shop. The website , the
stock,the company logo. The whole brand is spot on.

The Japanese know how to do things properly. They have a great
blog too.

Hiroyuki Hamada

I love these sculptures by Hiroyuki Hamada from Japan.

He uses an interesting mix of enamel, oil,tar and wax to
create these beautiful pieces. They remind me of aircraft parts
or a piece of space ship fallen to Earth.

You can see more of his work here by visiting his website.

Monday, 8 February 2010


I found these images on Flickr they are by
an artist called Tracciamenti who takes inspiration
from couture and architecture and produces these
interesting architectural dress pattern drawings.
More of her interesting work can be seen here

Sunday, 7 February 2010

We Not Me

Nice poster available to buy here

Mark weaver

These fantastic images are by the brilliant Mark Weaver.
Mark is a Graphic designer/illustrator with a great talent.
His work takes inspiration from architecture and popular
culture and has a vintage feel with its collage style layout.
Mark also offers beautiful screen prints of his work which
are available to buy at very reasonable prices on his


Just thought I'd share this gorgeous desk. I'm afraid I can't
remember where I found the image.
Apologies for my lack of recent blogging. I will endeavour to
post at least one item every day from today.