Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Antifyre Pistol

I bought this beauty today. Every home should have one.
Its a fire extinguisher pistol from the 50's made in Acton West
London. It came with three spare cartridges and is still loaded.
I'm itching to let it off!


shanklee said...

That is one of the most innovative and beautiful things I have ever seen! Stunning. I think a trip to Brighton is in order to rattle off a few rounds... Great find.

Anonymous said...

I live in Canada and have one of these, with the exception that it is just the plain black handle with the red cartridges. I am trying to evaluate this item

bob said...

Saw your antifyre gun. If you still have it, I have a rack with three cartridges still in it. I did have two guns and racks, unfortunately some idiot threw them away.
I live in Bognor regis and it seems you are in Brighton.

The rack is also a holder for your gun.
I do not wish to throw them away, so if you are interested let me know.

Anonymous said...

how much would this item cost retail.. i just found one in my basment