Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Stack BY Shay Alkalay

A radical revamp of the chest of drawers in
which the drawers take on a life of their own without
the chest. The stability of the piece is not affected
by pulling the drawers.
The look of the piece changes
throughout the day as drawers are left in various
positions.Designed by Shay Alkalay and winning
awards all over the place.
Available from establishedandsons.com at a price
of £1762.50. Brilliant!
See more great furniture at Shay's website


Lena said...

shay ramat hasharon?:)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these, they are so much fun! I just want to play with them.

Furniture at Smart Gazer said...

I like the playful countenance of it. It is a great storing piece of furniture: has plenty of divisions and does not occupy plenty of space. The design is very modern too; it reminds me of cities and high buildings. Thanks for the sites, I will keep them in mind for future posts.