Friday, 5 June 2009

Villa I Bossi

We recently stayed at one of the most beautiful
places I have ever been to. I feel it's my duty to
pass the information about this wonderous place
to anyone fortunate enough to come across this
information. Francesca and Francesco are friends
of Piegeon and are the proud owners of this truly
stunning Tuscan villa.
The rambling house is steeped in history and full of
gorgeous antiques that have been in the family with
the villa for over 800 years.

The villa is set in acres of ancient gardens and boasts
two pools and a jaquzzi. There is a modern annex with a large
shared kitchen. Alternatively you can stay in the old house.
The setting and the warmth of the owners make this an
amazing place to stay. Kids are welcome too.
I can honestly say it was an honour and a privellage to stay
at this fanstastic house.

For more information please contact Francesca at

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